Custom Process

Custom design is a journey, and if you’re open to the process, it’s a place to learn how to be creative and how to have a discerning eye.

It starts in the lucid dream state, where you begin to share your story and collect images that capture your imagination. This is not a place to be critical or narrow in focus, you are purely collecting what excites you.

Next, we’ll see how those fragments translate into a collective vision. What aspects are important, and how you’d like to wear it on the body. We’ll discuss metal, source stones, and hand draw a sketch of your piece. This is where it all comes into focus. Through numerous renditions and sketches, the evolution of the design becomes a reality.

Now to the technical aspect. A wax model, and fine tuning the details.

Then, we will expertly finish your creation in fine metal using the utmost precision and mastery.

Please reach out to begin your heirloom bespoke creation!