About Us

We are two sisters, inspired by a shared love of travel and creating.

The idea to make jewelry came about after Susan’s year in Greece. Returning to Philadelphia, Susan sought to recreate pieces for herself that she found abroad. After years of making jewelry for family and friends, Susan was inspired to create her business. Allyson, living in Cleveland, jumped on board to help launch Susan Meier Jewelry.

Our jewelry is designed to fit with your unique and personal style. We aspire to create pieces that compliment who you are. We are motivated to keep creating because we know people are looking for the same thing we are - jewelry that is handcrafted, modern and distinctive.

Natural materials are used to create our work - rough cut gemstones, freshwater pearls, leather, gold vermeil and sterling silver. We love the juxtaposition of textures in our jewelry. The shapes, colors and materials provide endless possibilities.

At Susan Meier Jewelry, we live for the moment of discovery. People are always on the search for that “right piece” and we are motivated by making that connection happen. We are inspired by our customers’ individual style and the way they pair their own pieces with our jewelry.


We design and create jewelry - something inspired and beautiful to make your own.



Susan & Allyson

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